Wild Animals in Australia

emu wild animals in australia with the terrible claw

Australia is a country rich in flora and fauna from mammals and reptiles to different types of unique and beautiful plants. Some of the world’s deadliest animals are roaming around the outback and the backyards of Australia. Dingo, Emus, Brumbies and Red Belly Black Snakes are the most commonly found animals you will encounter on an outback adventure in Australia.

Below are few details you need to know about the wild animals we usually get here in Australia:


A Dingo is a wild dog with sandy to reddish brown coloured fur which is found only in Australia. The Dingo had previously been thought to have been descended from the wolves of East or South Asia, however recently it has been discovered that this is not the case and the dingo has been declared it’s own species. Strange, unusual and sometimes threatening, the dingo perform a vital role as an apex predator responsible for maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

With the Dingo being an iconic Australian mammal, it’s a great opportunity and pleasure to have a chance to observe Dingoes live in their natural habitat should you get a chance to see one in your travels. This once in a lifetime wildlife experience usually attracts many tourists from around the globe, and this influx of people who come to gawk at our animals really add to the economy of the country. Sometimes Dingoes will approach humans but safety precautions should always be observed because everybody remembers the poor Chamberlain family who lost their baby to one of these dogs.

Though Dingoes look more like a pet dog, they are still wild animals and can be dangerous so people need to be careful when dealing with them. A group of Dingoes can kill a fully grown red kangaroo which is known to have a powerful kick and it’s no joke. There are also reported kills to human in Queensland so make sure to keep away from Dingoes when hunting for deer in the Australian outback. Some people also breed these dogs with collies and cattle dogs to keep as domestic pets. Check with your local council before you bring one home because they have been known to go full feral at the drop of a hat.


Emu is the second largest living bird in the world and is found exclusively in Australia. Emus have bizarre strong legs with three toes, long necks, soft feathers, sharp claws, tiny ears and have two sets of eyelids which is downright creepy if you ask me.They have a long claw on each toe used for fighting and as a defense mechanism. You don’t want to mess with these birds. If you see them, you need to get out of their way because that terrible claw can easily rip your face right off your head. They are able to travel great distances and can run fast at 50 km/h and can grow to 6 feet tall and weigh 150 pounds.

Emus are curious big birds that can be dangerous especially when they have an egg to protect. You don’t wanna eat these eggs because they smell like wheelie bin water, so keep away from the nest or mama will tear strips off you. I shit you  not. They have good eyesight and hearing making them capable of spotting predators in the vicinity so your chances of escape are minimal. They are also strong enough to drop a human in just one kick and if they decide to incorporate the terrible claw into that kick, you’re well and truly f*cked. Their beaks can harm or kill a human so be sure you keep your distance from that thing. Seriously, run. Now.

Five people in Australia are killed by an attacking Emu every year. You don’t want the next victim to be you; bleeding to death in the outback until a pack of smelly dingoes comes by to rip your flesh off your bones. Luckily emus usually avoid humans which works for me. Once I saw one running on it’s weird, creepy legs with that neck and massive beak and it reminded me of my son’s pre-school teacher. Gigantic thing she was, with a nose you could hide in.

brumbies Wild Animals in Australia


Australia also has feral horses and we call them Brumbies. Brumbies are the decendants of horses that have escaped or been set from from the times of the first settlers. These horses are wandering freely in the countryside and are elusive as hell. For the past few years brumbies have been found in south-eastern Australia but a whole heap can be found in Queensland the state with second largest population. In Australian terms, the group of brumbies is called a mob or a band.

However with all the benefits horses have brought us, they are still considered to be a pest and a big threat to natural ecosystems as deemed by the Australian government and environmentalists. Despite of this controversy, brumbies are still valued by others as part of the country’s heritage as their ancestors have lived on this land since the convicts. They have gained many supporters working to prevent inhumane killing and finding captured brumbies a new home after being broken in.

Red Belly Black Snakes

Last in the list of the most common wild animals you may encounter in the Australian outback is red belly black snake. This venomous reptile can grow up to 2 meters long with unmistakable color combination of black and red. It is mostly seen during the day but can also appear in the evening especially when the weather is hot.

The Red-Bellied Black Snake inhabits in the forest close to water streams and cool areas mostly found in the eastern and south-eastern part of Australia. Its favorite snack is a plump frog while other reptiles and mammals are also good for meal time. Be on the lookout for this wild serpent as you may encounter many of them on most of your travels in Australia.

After getting familiar with these wild animals, it’s now your responsibility to take safety measures, observe your movements and be sure not to panic thereby having a successful yet fun-filled trip.



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