Tips for Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

Tips for Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

Hiking is a great exercise and a therapy rolled into one. It boosts your physical fitness as you ascend towards the peak of the mountain. Getting to the top detaches you from the world below. The sights it presents you and the feeling of accomplishment soothes your mind and soul.

Now if you’re in Australia, there’s a mountain you might want to conquer, and it’s relatively easy compared to other hiking trails. Have you ever heard about Mount Kosciuszko? It’s going to be worth every muscle pain once you reach your destination!

Quick Facts about Mount Kosciuszko

For those who do not know this magnificent summit in New South Wales, here are a few things about it that you’ll appreciate:

  • It is one of the highest peaks in the Australian continent, with a height of 7,310 ft.
  • It is the snowiest place in Australia, and that’s saying something considering the continent usually has warm climate.
  • It is the lowest of the Seven Summits, and is considered the easiest to climb, making it ideal for those who are starting the hobby.

Tips for Climbing Mount Kosciuszko

Tips to Remember

Now just because it was classified a relatively easy ascent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare for it! 

Here are some tips you need to consider
when climbing Mount Kosciuszko.

  1. Limber Up
    • Just like any strenuous exercise, you need to stretch and warm up. Of course, that is, if you prefer having achy muscles after the hike.
  2. Dress Appropriately
    • Considering the peak is chilly, make sure to dress for the cold. Get a hat, long sweaters, anything you need to combat the temperature.
  3. Apply Sunscreen
    • Just because it is cold during the ascent doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburnt. Slap on generous amounts of sunscreen to prevent skin damage.
  4. Bring Enough Snacks and Water
    • It is an easy hike, but you can get tired and dehydrated. Make sure to bring snacks and water to make sure you are always energized for the trail.
  5. Walking Stick is your New Best Friend
    • Trust me when I say you will get tired, even if you are fit. A walking stick is going to help you propel yourself upward and reach the top.

Are you ready for the hike? Get ready to venture onto Mount Kosciuszko!

Tips for Climbing Mount Kosciuszko