Outdoor Music Festivals of the World

Outdoor Music Festivals of the World

Basking in the great outdoors gives us a rush like no other experience can. It’s a primitive instinct for us to be creatures of the wild, and maybe that’s why being out there with the rest is very appealing. But what can make it even better? Listening to great music and watching electrifying performances, that’s what!

Outdoor music festivals are awesome venues that unite music lovers under the same sky. Being an annual event, each of them are much anticipated, so much that people are planning their years to attending at least one of them.

Without further ado, here are some of the famous outdoor music festivals of the world that you ought to experience.



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Arguably one of the biggest music festivals in the world, the Coachella is held in the United States for three consecutive weekends. It features some of the greatest performers in the music industry, and as such it draws in a large number of spectators every year. Given the magnitude of the event, some artists usually launch new music on this stage, just like when Lady Gaga launched her newest single, “The Cure,” this year.


If you are fond of just getting your groove on under the sun, then the annual Tomorrowland held in Boom, Belgium is going to be enticing for you. It has a fairy theme that makes it a unique experience and is considered to be one of the best dance parties where you can shake your tailfeathers. With great dance music and impressive performances, it is a definite crowd pleaser.

The Garden Festival

For those looking for more of a laidback time, the Garden Festival is going to be a great event to take part in. Being a wonderful gathering in Croatia, it hosts relaxing and approachable music which you can enjoy while taking a leisurely dip.

Sonar Festival

Electronic music is certainly becoming a popular sound all over the world, and it is only fitting that it has its own outdoor music festival. The Sonar Festival which takes place in the beautiful city of Barcelona is an anticipated event. It hosts a wonderful mix of both established and new artists, making it a great ground for up-and-coming musicians.


Looking for an outdoor concert with free admission? Then this is the music festival for you! This gathering in Austria not only features great international music, but also hosts mouth-watering food from around the globe. You can get your fill of great dishes and awesome music in just one event!

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