Spending the Holidays in a Caravan during COVID-19

Spending the Holidays in a Caravan during COVID-19 - OutdoorLyf

Upon the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, every plan for a holiday trip had to be postponed. The government advised people to stay indoors and just to step outside when it’s necessary. The pandemic that struck the world has been affecting humanity for two years now, and it might stay for a long while.

However, some countries, including Australia, have started recovering, and families are ready to set out on outdoor activities. Early bookings in NSW and other states for caravan parks have drastically increased upon easing travel restrictions and opening up state borders. As a result, some families in Australia started to take the roads with their caravans. 

Spending your holidays in a caravan can be delightful. But spending it in accordance with the health protocols and guidelines implemented by the government to prevent coronavirus spread can give you a much better experience.

Safety Protocols Implemented 

Grant Wilckens, the founder and CEO of the G’day Group Holdings and Board Director of the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), was confident about seeing Australian families at caravan parks once more, for holidays. But with the threat of COVID-19 still being around, protocols still need to be implemented to keep customers safe from the virus. 

Protocols such as contactless check-ins and increasing the cleaning procedures around communal areas were implemented and maintained social distancing and storing hygiene or sanitising stations. In addition, customer details are being held for 28 days following the guidelines provided by the Australian government should a customer become sick. Capacities are also limited, and facilities such as swimming pools will remain closed far from reach of customers.

BIG4 Holiday Parks CEO Steven Wright applies similar measures or protocols to have all guests sign a health declaration form, suggesting they do not show any COVID-19 symptoms before arriving at the park.  

Both Wilckens and Wright confidently look forward to seeing Australian families enjoy their outdoor activities and holidays in the caravan parks again as Australian road trips will come back stronger than ever. 

Health Advisory and Tips for People Staying in Caravan Parks

Should you book a holiday in a caravan park, you need to contact the park and arrange your booking, as advised by the Australian government to prevent the spread of coronavirus and keep the customers safe and the people around them. 

In addition, with the help of eased travel restrictions and the state borders opened, road trips are possible once more. So you can travel with your family and friends, get to have fun outdoor activities and spend your holidays in a caravan park under the health guidelines and protocols that the government provides.

Australia’s Department of Health advises the following tips on how to be safe when spending your holidays in a caravan park:

  • Regularly clean your frequently touched utensils and objects using your ordinary household detergent or water.
  • Clean the surfaces using a detergent and water before disinfection. You should always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturers for all products involving cleaning and disinfection.
  • If you ever have someone in the caravan suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms, advise them to immediately isolate themselves in a separate room inside the train and use a different bathroom to avoid spreading the virus. Then, if you’re the infected one, you can apply this protocol to yourself.
  • If there’s no separate room available inside the caravan, use temporary barriers between beds with 2m distance apart. You should advise all residents to sleep head-to-toe, as well.
  • You should avoid sharing your items.
  • But the best course of action of all is to contact the nearest medical facility if ever you or someone in your caravan has been infected with COVID-19 and have them (including you) arrange for a medical review with your doctor. 

Ready for Your Next Caravan Holiday?

Spend your holiday peacefully in a caravan at a park or in the wilderness! Outdoor activities are delightful and fun, so make your next trip worthwhile. But please do remember to follow our tips and stay safe out there!