Eight Camping Essentials You Won’t Want to Live Without

Eight Camping Essentials You Won't Want to Live Without

There is camping gear and there is Eight Camping Essentials You Won’t Want to Live Without. When you’re busy packing camping gear, you can easily forget certain essential items like band aids or flash light. You should pack a must-bring bag that contains these eight camping essentials so you don’t have to go without because you forgot to bring something.

First Aid Kit

When you’re on an active camping trip, there’s a probability of you suffering from scratches, burns, cuts or bumps, which makes it imperative for you to come along with a first aid kit. You should never leave it behind when going to your campsite, and endeavour to carry it for all your excursions.

Packet of Matches

If you’re not a veteran boy scout, you’ll probably need some kind of flame to use for starting a fire. If you don’t have fire, your food options become limited and it can get pretty cold at night. It’s better to avoid it and buy lots of matches. You can even have them in your bag of camping essentials for years at a time.

rope is an essential piece of camping gear


There are so many things you can do with rope at a campsite, particularly if it is one that can be tied into knots. You can use it to create a cloth line for your wet clothes, hang coolers with a branch at night, build a shelter, or use it for towing people when there’s need to when hiking or swimming. Just don’t forget to pack one when going camping.


Tarps are very important; you can use them to protect the lower part of your tent or as additional shelter at the campsite. They are not hard to fold, and don’t take up too much space in your camping bag.

Lantern, Flashlight or Headlamp

Doesn’t matter where you’re going, whether you’re stumbling to the bathroom at night or going for a midnight snack, you should always pack a lantern/or flashlight in your box of camping essentials. Make sure that your source of light is always within reach in the car just in case you come into the camp at night.

Maps and Compass

Even if you have GPS on your phone or in your car, you might still need the basics for navigation like maps and compass because you might not always get signal in isolated camping sites, or when you go deep into the forest to hike. Make sure you’re always with your navigational essentials just in case your GPS becomes unreliable.

extra clothes

Extra clothes for the weather

Even if you’ve been keeping up with the weather forecast for weeks, and there’s been no prediction for rain, unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable leaving you trapped in the rain or huddling round the camp fire. If you pack an extra set of close, you don’t have to bother yourself about any sudden change in weather. You can always change out of your wet clothes and put on dry ones when it’s cold.

8 Camping essentials you won't want to live without

Pocket Knife

This is commonly referred as a Swiss Army Knife. This is an essential camping tool that does not occupy much space. A knife, small scissors, corkscrew, saw and so on, are different varieties of camping essentials that you can easily pack in a compact size.

You may decide to pack items like dependable cooking ware (one), a shovel, portable cooler, bedclothes, fold up table, washing tub and food, as supplementary essentials to provide you with an enjoyable camping experience.

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