Do it Yourself Camper Van Tips and Tricks

Do it Yourself Camper Van Tips and Tricks

Thinking of building a Do it Yourself Camper Van? then you are going to need our Do it Yourself Camper Van Tips and Tricks. Some fundamental DIY skills are required to be able to build a camper van by yourself. Besides, you will also require some tools, a lot of time at your disposal as well as patience to work it out. Finally, you will also need a solid base vehicle which you will convert to a camper van.

Before you start out, it will be best to contact local authorities to ascertain the requirements needed to make your conversion safe and legally acceptable.  You might need an engineers slip.

There are some basic steps below to build your own camper van.

The Exterior Works

First things first, do a thorough cleaning of the interior of the van. Inspect the entire shape and body work. Look out for the areas that are rusted, dented and paints that are unsightly. This is the time to do all structural refurbishment.

Your base van does not have windows but you definitely want to install some camper windows which is required for interior lighting and good ventilation. Besides, there is need to drill a number of holes in the body of the camper van. These are outlets for water spillage, propane gas exhaust, heater exhaust etc.

campervan tips and tricks (Medium)The Interior Works

Insulation of the interior is a very important aspect of the job, it is required to maintain a habitable temperature in the interiors of the camper van and also reduce the amount of noise that filter in from the exterior. You can make a choice from a number of insulation materials such as armaflex, rock wool etc.

Regarding the side plywood cover, You should use relatively thicker panels and wooden battens so that they can be robust enough to hold furniture. You should use a type of glue that remain stable in both high and low temperatures for your carpeting, insulation, sidewalls and all other upholstery.

The Water Works

The water system of a camper van can simply be a cold water running system comprising of large water canister under the sink with a submersible pump that shoots the water out of the tap when switched on.

The waste system can simply be a gray water tank under the van or a simple hose that drains the water to the exterior portable tank or bucket.

For the toilet, you can install any mobile camping toilet.

Gas & Electricity Chores

You should designate the installation of the gas pipes as well as electricity wiring to qualified personnel only. Both gas and electricity can be a source of fire risk if not properly installed. By using the service of professionals, you will rest assured that the installations are perfectly done. A lot of people like to go fully off grid, and these sorts of installs need to be done by a skilled tradesperson.

The Furnishings

Creativity and resourcefulness are the two factors that will help you build an outstanding camper van. There are many ways to design the interiors, you should be inventive. You may also check online auctioning sites such as eBay for a cheap complete camper van interior furnishings at great prices.

Well, after you have built your camper van, you will realize that it is not a completed project. You definitely will desire some additional enhancement along the way such as repainting, replace furnishings or rearrange the interior. Play around with things until you get the perfect camper van that you are completely satisfied with.

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