Christmas Camping Trip Ideas for 2021

Christmas Camping Trip Ideas for 2021 - OutdoorLyf

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. And spending it outdoors with Christmas camping trip ideas is the Australian way of celebrating the holidays. But, of course, we’d mostly spend the holidays on camping trips, with barbecues and cold drinks while watching the sun as it sets on the horizon. After all, the Christmas holidays in Australia hit in the summer.

Spending the most awaited time of the year on a camping trip in a hot summer makes it merrier. If you have plans on doing so, we’ve come up with ideas and guides that might help you on your camping trip on Christmas.

Packing up the Essentials

Aussie summers can be brutal. And packing up the essential things on a camping trip is necessary. Australian summer can unpredictably become a lot hotter than you expect. That is why bringing a season-appropriate tent should be on the top of the list to shelter you in hot weather conditions. You may include gazebos and tarps as well. Getting a rechargeable fan to keep you cool isn’t a bad idea either.

Storing your food and drinks on your camping trip can be a bit of a hassle, especially in hot weather conditions. Bringing a freezer helps you save the trouble of looking for another way to store your food. 45L Single Zone Freezers and 8oL Dual Zone Fridge are the most convenient freezers to use, especially when your trip lasts longer than a day or two.

Christmas Decorations

Decorating your campsite is one way to get into the Christmas spirit. Besides, what’s merrier than a Christmas camping trip filled with pleasing decorations, right? Of course, Christmas lights and tinsels will do, but if you don’t want to use Christmas lights due to access to electricity, you can use solar LED light kits. It will make your campsite look just as festive as it should be if it’s filled with fancy ornaments. 

But if you’re one of the crafty types, you can just use anything from the environment and create your very own decoration. No matter how you decorate your campsite, decorate it with all your heart to experience the best Christmas camping trip you’ll ever have.

Christmas Presents 

Your Christmas holidays wouldn’t be as merry as they should without Christmas gifts. Besides, what’s Christmas without presents, right? Going on a camping trip to spend your holiday is already delightful and something everyone would look forward to. But giving gifts to your peers on Christmas Eve completely adds to the flavour. Nothing satisfies us more than the things we’d receive on Christmas Eve. After all, Christmas is all about giving.

Christmas Feast on a Campsite

You can never miss out on all the tasty, mouthwatering food during the Christmas holidays. Not even on a camping trip. Though the Government usually implements a few fire bans and cooking restrictions across the country, you’d still get to enjoy your feast. Despite the few conditions, you can still enjoy your barbecue on a camping trip. You can still enjoy your ham on your Christmas camping as well. But you’re going to need a camp oven to have it cooked.

And finally, who would want to miss out on the classic Roasted Chicken on an Australian Christmas holiday? Simply bake the chook in the camp oven, and you may satisfy yourselves with the best meals you’d ever taste on your holiday camping trip!

Spend Your Christmas Holidays on a Camping Trip

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year. And nothing is more exciting than spending it on a camping trip. Celebrating the Christmas holidays on a campsite in the hot summer is fun! 

But due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, our fun outdoor activities needed to be postponed. The Government implemented restrictions across the country. But in December of this year, we’d get to enjoy our Christmas camping trips once more. Just follow the protocols and guidelines that the government implements, and we’ll have a fun Christmas camping trip. 

Christmas won’t be fun if it’s being spent indoors. But having someone in your peers infected by the virus during the Christmas holidays is no fun as well. So spend your Christmas camping trip following the safety protocols to make it worthwhile and delightful. Stay safe and have a fun out there with our Christmas camping trip ideas!