8 Caravan Holiday Park Tips For Rookies

Dont make rookie caravan park mistakes

After years of experience going on holiday with a caravan, we have come to know what is required to have a great caravanning experience. All that is required is a bit of extra effort put towards planning and a bit of attention to details and you will have a bonza caravan holiday. With a list of essential items at hand, your packing process easy and your stay exciting.​

We have created a list of the top eight caravan tips and guide that will help you prepare for an awesome caravanning experience.

Master the Ropes

The ropes are your best friend, particularly when you are at a caravan holiday park. They help you keep things in place throughout your stay. A discovery that the best way to attach the ropes is to have a nylon hook tied at the end of the ropes. All that is required is to run the ropes over the awning cylinder and hook back the ripe before fastening harder. This allows you to remove easily if you need to pack things up during a windstorm. Ropes and a working knowledge of knots are also camping essentials. Don’t think because you are staying at a caravan park that you won’t need these essentials, because you will.

Bucket Boon

During our caravan trips, we normally carry three buckets stacked inside the other and placed in the boot. This means they do not occupy much space and they usually prove to be useful during the holiday. The buckets are also great in collecting rain water that drips down from the awning. They can be used to put wood in when we are gathering of wood for fire. You can pretty much use them for anything and they will come in handy for just about anything. They are also excellent for carrying fishing equipment and collecting the fishes as well!

8 Caravan Holiday Park Tips For Rookies

Get Ground Cover

Most van parks do have ground and gravel sites but you may arrive at a site where you are met with an open patch of dirt! To enhance our comfort, we carry a type of mat that allow sand and dirt to fall through from the top but prevents the same from coming up from beneath. It also allows light to filter through; this is required to keep the underlying grass alive.

Provide Extra Coverage

From our previous experience, using shade cloth awning clothes have been very useful during our caravan stay. We do carry two which we use for the side wall and the end wall. These are very easy to erect and are great when you need shade, privacy, or would like to stop rain from blowing in.

​Carry Extra Batteries

It is of utmost importance to check the batteries that you use for your electronic devices to ensure that they are functioning optimally. This check is vital when you are traveling to isolated locations. It may be difficult to get a replacement for some types and brands of batteries on the road. Although it turns out to be an extra load, we found it useful to carry extra for each battery.

Gas Gauge

The importance of a gas level indicator cannot be overemphasised. In spite of having a spare gas cylinder which we can easily change when the gas runs out, we still find this device of great benefit. The device is attached to the cylinder with a magnet and triggers a musical alert when the gas level is low. This alerts the person cooking to hurry up before the cylinder run out of gas completely.

gas cooking in caravans

Blocks and Chocks

A lot of the caravan sites do not have a leveled landscape, it is easy to know that the builders of these parks have not done any caravanning before! Besides the discomfort of sleeping in a slanting position, the three-way caravan fridges do not work well if they are not placed in a leveled position. Take note of the bi-directional spirit lever attached to the A-Frame, this is used to adjust the vertical alignment of the caravan to the desired level. By making provision for a jockey wheel with three attachments rather than two makes it perfect to level the van on a sloping site. This can make your caravan holiday a bit easier if you are presented with a weird sloped site.

Cords and Cables for Every Occasion

Your caravan may be located in a position that is far away from the power box. Some vans that are located nearby have extension leads that are plugged together loosely lying on the ground. These types of power connections is hazardous when it rains and have been barred in most caravan sites. We do carry power cables that can be used under any condition without the need to join cables.




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