6 Top Fishing Spots in Australia

6 Top Fishing Spots in Australia

Have you been dreaming of doing some fishing in Australia but don’t really know the best fishing spots? Never fear, we have a few little fishing secrets up our sleeves. Grab your fishing line and some bait and lets go fishing! Here we take a look at the 6 top fishing spots in Australia.

Australia has a vast landscape of tropical beauty, a great way for tourists and holidaymakers to see the beautiful country is to travel in a car or Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). There are a lot of activities you can choose to engage in -from going to a camp to caravanning in a camper trailer. There are many beautiful scenes and lots of fun activities that someone traveling by air will miss out on.

Scenery such as the beautiful Aussie landscape and amazing mountain ranges, pristine lakes, hidden fishing spots located in secluded drives and much more. Don’t miss out of the fun! Pack your fishing gear in your vehicle and head for these fun-filled locations by road that way you can check out the best fishing spots and carry all your gear with you!

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South West Rocks, NSW

South West Rocks is an antiquated fishing village located in the New South Wales, 450km north of Sydney. This is the perfect location for fun fishing and heaps of regulars turn up at South West, many of whom have been coming for years. Unlike other fishing locations that get messy and crowded during long weekends, South West Rocks, a piece of fishing beauty remains secluded and largely unknown by tourists.

Cairns, QLD

Cairns is a popular fishing spot just like other cities located in the coastal regions. The many species of fish found in the waters of Cairns may be as a result of the proximal location of the Great Barrier Reef. It is best to get on board on one of the many fishing charters that run along the waters of Cairns which can get you to the best fishing locations. Of course, you can decide to go solo if you have a good seagoing boat.

Gippsland, VIC

Gippsland which is located on the South Coast of Victoria in the home of amazing fishing locations such as Lake Entrance. Lake entrance is a picturesque town from where the various fishing locations in the Gippsland region can be explored. Peculiar species such as Trevally, Luderick, bream and flathead can be caught without much stress. You can get valuable information from the local fishing shops.

Dampier Archipelago, WA

Someone who pays attention to details would have taken note that some of the leading fishing spots in Australia are located in North Western Australia. The reason is not far-fetched; most of the rare species such as coral trout, red emperor, scarlet sea perch, spangled emperor, Norwest snapper and the blue bone cab be found in the Dampier Archipelago in the North-Western region of Australia. The Karratha Visitor Center provides valuable resource regarding fishing in the local waters.

Kakadu National Park, NT

Kakadu National Park is an awesome location for a fishing adventure. However, to locate the best fishing spots, we recommend you go with an experienced tour guide who has a fishing permit. The extra efforts and cost of getting a licensed guide will pay off because your fishing line will hook some of the best barramundi in the world which are located in the surrounding waters of the Kakadu National Park.

Port Lincoln, SA

The vast number of Jetties at Port Lincoln provides awesome settings for fishermen irrespective of the level of experience in fishing. Tuna, squid, and whitening are the most common species found in the waters of Port Lincoln.

Best fishing spots in Australia

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