10 Rookie Camping Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid rookie camping mistakes

Everyone has once been a camping first timer and must have made a couple of mistakes in their camping adventures. We have made plenty of rookie mistakes, and that’s why we have put together the 10 Rookie Camping Mistakes to Avoid. Camping is quite simple but can be an overwhelming experience for an outright novice who may find it difficult to leave go out of the way to try a new experience. We are here to offer our years of expertise!

We have listed 10 mistakes you can make when new to camping and have also given tips on how to avoid these shockers.

1. Not doing enough research on your destination

Do a bit of research  before you leave. Google is there for a reason, so get amongst it. Don’t pack the fam bam up in the car and head out to a spot without knowing anything about it.  This is quite simple, you can take a look at the website, make a phone call of shoot an email to the destination’s customer support. This may uncover vital information you may need for example; opening hours, animal attacks and other festivals or events that may disrupt your trip.

2. Test Your Equipment before Your Journey

It can be a harrowing experience to arrive at a camp site only to discover you cannot figure out a how your equipment works. Open it up, figure it out and make sure you know what you are doing. It might be dark when you arrive and you better have a clue how to get yourself set up without the light. To make matters worse, your equipment might be faulty! If you bought dodgy, cheap crap you will be disappointment. You should always test run all your equipment before leaving home and buy decent quality stuff  because you are going to be relying on it.

3. Completely Relying on a campfire

Veteran campers know that campfires do take a while to build up enough heat required for cooking and you are always going to need a back up in case things go pear shaped out there. If you need to add coals to the camp oven to get the heat up enough to cook anything. As a rule it must be very hot to function optimally. You should get a backup plan for the first nights meal like sandwiches or something you can grab on the go. A great alternative to a campfire is a gas fire barbecue. This is also a perfect alternative in campgrounds where open fire may not not allowed.

make sure you campfire is hot enough to cook food

4. Buying Cheap Goods rather than Quality

Where possible, buy items from brand names that are known to make quality items and also has a great customer service. You might need to ring them up and ask questions about the product or if it fails in the field, you may need to make contact so customer service is ideal. The extra money that you spend will be worthwhile compared to a headache and hassle you will pass through when an inferior item fails to serve the intended purpose.

5. Buying up big on camping equipment when you are new

You may be tempted to buy every shiny camping object and kitchenware that are advertised to be great for outdoor usage but lets face it, you actually need very little. For the rookie you don’t need too many gadgets. A good sleeping bag and cooking items are going to be what gets you across the finish line here so don’t go overboard, you’re not a princess. There are a lot of camping purchases that are mandatory and pertinent to a safe camping experience. You should focus on acquiring quality necessities and not make a spontaneous purchase of luxury items.

6. Handling an Uncomfortable nights sleep

Weather conditions are an important factor to consider when going on camping trips. You’ve got a smart phone, install an app that tells you the weather where you need to go. If you have an iPhone, all you have to do is ask Siri what the weather forecast for your destination is. Consider your sleeping preference; do you prefer to sleep in a cold or warm environment? Buy the items that will facilitate the right temperature for your night sleep. if you are a sweaty sleeper, don’t get the below zero sleeping bag or you will stink it up with BO on the first night, with no way to wash it.

arrived late

7. Arriving late at the Campsite

You arrived late at a campsite and start searching for an available space in the dark, the kids are screaming and you are about to lose the plot…when you end up finding a place, you set up your items and try to get everything sorted out in the dark. That is quite stressful  isn’t it?  The children may be hungry and restless and might run off into the darkness in excitement. Moreover, your family might be busting for a #2 and you simply do not know where to locate the toilets. Do yourself a favor, and get there early.

8. Poor preparation for Lighting

It is important to be able to see around the camp very easily so bring more lights than you think you will need. Bring spare batteries and don’t rely on cheap solar lights from the cheapo shop because they will let you down. Without good lighting, one can easily trip over rocks, ropes and other obstacles that can cause injury.

9. Leaving Food and Garbage in the Open

At night, the campsite will usually be quite and creeping rodents, as well as insects, and other larger animals such as possums and foxes may visit your camp site to feast on your garbage. Put it in a bin they can’t open or bring it inside the tent. When leaving the campsite, it is required that you take all your garbage with you..keep Australia beautiful. It can be a pain in the neck to carry a bag of smelly waste into the car but you gotta do the right thing here. Take it with you dump in the waste bin outside the park, nobody wants to smell your rubbish.

10. Forgetting that it’s meant to be enjoyable!

You should bear in mind that the camp environment is different from your home and can either be super laid back or super stressful. Remember not to take it so seriously and chill out and get yourself out of that city frame of mind. Some of the comforts you have at home may not be available and the children playing on open ground will definitely get dirty but try not to stress. Moreover, sleeping in a small space with your family maybe a challenge especially if hubby snores. Forget about the discomfort, have a few drinks and enjoy your stay.



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